6 Ways To Stop Falling In Love Too Fast

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Real love is natural, real, and organic. That doesn’t mean it has to be quick and instant. You think you know their dreams but you just know their plans. Notice the difference, dreams are of the heart, plans are of the head. You think you know their heart but you just know their mind. You think you know their past but you just know the part, knowing and understanding someone takes a lot longer.

We make very big decisions based on a very small amount of information

1) How do you define love: what does love mean to you? what do you want love to feel like? real love is natural and organic, that doesn’t mean it has to be quick and instant. 

2) What are your love values: Are you looking for reliability, adventure, comfort, or success? Knowing what you value in relationships and love is such an important thing to reflect on. If you do not know your love values, how can you judge whether someone else’s values are right for you? Just because you use the same words doesn’t mean you have the same values 

3) What is your current focus: People get distracted, clingy and lose sight all the time.  is that person helping you move closer to what you want or closer to them and farther from the life you want? You want someone who is enhancing your focus, adding to that, or supporting the life you want. 

4)  Three priorities you want in someone: These are non-negotiables because they are so crucial and critical to who you are. You want a list of priorities that three priorities in someone that should correlate with the answers  to your first three questions, it should be based on values, definition, and  where you are in life

5) Three preferences that are changeable: It’s really important you have this discussion with yourself and when you meet someone you can have this discussion with them. It’s just giving you more information to make a conscious, intentional decision. 

6) Three points you need to have for them: The question you should ask yourself is, are they aware of what they need? What is it about you on a personality or deep level that you are impacting them? It could be someone who is organized, someone who motivates them, do you want to be that, are you ready to commit to that

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