Always In Love With The Wrong Person

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You always fall for the wrong person and have the feeling that rose-colored glasses are clouding not only your vision but also your senses – then get some distance vision!

Always the same

You’re annoyed that you thought you were finally really in love and then it didn’t work out again because you’re just not in love, your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t fit in with you at all or has qualities you don’t like. It happens to everyone, but if it happens to you all the time, maybe you can do something about it.

What goes wrong?

When you are in love, you are wearing what are called rose-colored glasses. Your hormones are dancing through your body; you’re in love and can easily overlook the rough edges of the person you’re with. This has probably happened to many people and is not a bad thing? Unless it annoys you and you want to change something.


It can be frustrating to start a relationship again and again and then realize after a few days or weeks that it’s just not that again and the feelings just don’t fit. Again and again you have to break up and explain yourself. This is not only annoying, but can also make you wonder if you’re too demanding or if you can’t fall in love. But don’t worry; most of the time it’s just because you jumped into a relationship too quickly and it wasn’t the right one.


…he who commits himself forever. Okay, the saying is a bit trite and outdated, but it’s not completely wrong. Because if you take your time before entering into a relationship and think about what is really important to you in a partnership, the chances that the relationship will last longer are much better. After all, you will know your partner better and can sort out your emotional chaos before you get together. That alone can be extremely helpful.

Old patterns

Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re not only always drawn to the wrong person, but that they’re all similar in some way. Yes, we are creatures of habit and this characteristic quickly creeps into our relationship patterns. But as we all know, knowledge is the first step to improvement. So if you notice a pattern, think about whether this “pattern person” is really what you want and think about what would really be important to you.

Mental work

Of course, it is not possible to completely switch off your feelings and judge a person only according to whether he or she suits you. That’s not how it should be! Heart and stomach play an important role in matters of love, but if both have often been wrong, it’s also good to let your head get involved and think about what you really want and what you definitely don’t want.

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