Laughter Is Healthy, So Is Crying

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Is crying a bad thing? No, it’s not … Showing your feeling is important and good for you.

Laughing and crying. Both are emotional expressions that – when they occur spontaneously – should not be suppressed. They make our lives easier because we can show our feelings about certain situations.

What do we laugh about?

We laugh about things that bring joy, funny situations, about ourselves, sometimes also about others, good films, about jokes and also about overly serious people. We are happy and perhaps also laugh when we get gifts that we have wanted for a long time. Sometimes we have to laugh so hard that tears even come to our eyes.

When do we cry?

On the other hand, we cry when we are sad, disappointed, at a loss, depressed, angry or relieved, or we cry because we have to say goodbye to someone very dear to us. Sometimes, however, we also cry when we are in pain or afraid or when we feel alone. Some situations are so beautiful that we even start to cry with joy.

Why crying is important

However, there are also moments when it is very uncomfortable for us to show our feelings, and yet tears roll down our cheeks, for example, when we are very annoyed or angry about something. Especially when we are particularly embarrassed to cry, our friends often don’t know how to deal with it either.

Crying is just as important as laughing and we should not suppress it but let it out. If you put off your sadness and suppress your tears, an unpleasant frog will eventually form in your throat.

Comfort and be comforted

So the next time you see a friend crying, don’t be afraid to comfort them. Offer them a tissue, a supportive shoulder, and the chance to talk it out. Once the tears are out, the laughter will come back.

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