Social Media And Love

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Sometimes social media can be quite tricky in love matters and even prolong heartbreak.

Using social networks for love purposes

Social networks, such as Facebook, Netlog, Schüler-VZ & Co, can make it easier to get close to your crush. Often it is obvious at a glance whether he/she is currently in a relationship or not. Especially if you are rather shy, you can make first contacts by commenting on status messages or via chats. It’s also easy to find out about a swarm’s hobbies or taste in music, and you can use this information as a conversation starter right away.

You can also get a first, cautious impression of how the person behaves with others by how status messages are formulated or how he/she expresses comments to friends. You can also often learn about attitudes on certain topics.

Social networks and jealousy

Through social networks, some things suddenly become visible to everyone. Whether your partner is still in contact with your ex-boyfriends, how they comment on your status messages, how you congratulate them on their birthday, etc. can often be followed directly.

Some people don’t care and still keep in touch with their ex-partners. Others, on the other hand, can only deal with it poorly. Many wonder what is “normal” or okay. There are no general guidelines to follow. Each couple has to decide for themselves what is okay and what is too far.


Say what hurts you

Whether it’s behavior on a social network or in real life. Be honest when something hurts you. This may take some courage, but it gives your friend the chance to react. If he/she doesn’t know that something is bothering you, he/she can’t react to it.

In addition, you can see right away whether he/she really cares about you. Because someone who really loves you cares about your feelings and will try to find a solution that suits both of you!

Prolonged heartbreak

It is now known that social networks can prolong heartbreak. The reason for this is that even after a break-up, many follow the life of their ex via Facebook & Co. This reopens the wounds again and again and delays closure.

Some also deliberately write status messages to send messages to the ex, so to speak, along the lines of: “Look how well I’m doing without you.” “I’m certainly not crying over you.” “You make me feel so bad.” etc.


When it’s over

When a relationship comes to an end, it’s painful enough. And usually for both sides. Stay fair and don’t send nasty status messages! Also think about when you post the first photos of, for example, a new love. Put yourself in your ex’s shoes and ask yourself what you would want in that situation.

Just as it helps to put the old relationship behind you and banish memories from your room, it also helps to stop “spying” on your ex on social media. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can get better!

Decide for yourself whether you want to remain friends with your ex on social networks. It might also be a good idea to block your own messages and photo posts for your ex, at least for a while.

In love with someone you don’t know

Sometimes you may become friends with someone you don’t know in real life. You get to know each other better and maybe even “fall in love”. That can happen. However, you still need a safety net before you can really get involved in a personal meeting, because unfortunately you can never know for sure who is really hiding behind a profile! You can read here how simple such a safety net can look like:


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