‘Stain Remover’: Study Properly

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Is studying day and night the best recipe?

Inner peace is a basic prerequisite for learning. Relaxation is therefore important. Take a walk before you study, listen to music or take a nap.

Continuous learning often does not lead to the desired success, because after a certain time you are no longer receptive. Even if time is short, you should allow yourself breaks at regular intervals (after about one to two hours).

How do you divide your time wisely?

Get an overview of the material. Divide it into small units that you can cover in about one to two hours. If you have to study a lot, it is essential to take a break after each unit. A study plan shows you how much you need to study each day in order to complete the material on time.

The study plan – a help during exam stress

Repeating the material is important

After you have taken a break, you should use the first few minutes of the new session to review the material from the previous session. If you repeat the material before going to sleep, this is especially effective. The material to be learned is better memorized.

Where should you study?

You should decide for yourself where you want to study. A quiet, tidy room where you are not too distracted by anything or anyone is usually ideal. Make sure that the room is well ventilated and that you have sufficient light.

How should you study?

As you study, underline important passages, headings, and mark material that is difficult to remember.

Stick to your study plan as much as possible.

Whether you study alone or with others is up to you. If you are studying a subject that requires you to memorize the material, you should do this alone. However, you can be tested by others.

Material that is based on logic can often be learned in a group. This makes it easier to solve difficult math examples or find the meaning behind a chemical formula.

Learning techniques

How do you test your knowledge?

You can test yourself by creating a question file. This consists of different cards with questions about the material. You can record the answers on the back of the cards. Just by writing the cards, the material is consolidated. Later you can test yourself or ask someone else to do it.

Rewards are also important

Once you have learned the material that was entered in the study plan for that day, you can reward yourself for it. For example, go swimming, treat yourself to an ice cream, meet friends or go to the movies.

Rewards provide motivation to learn quickly and regularly.

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