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When can I start drinking alcohol? Everyone wants me to drink alcohol – what should I do? You can find the answers here.

When are you allowed to drink alcohol?

According to the laws for the protection of minors, you are not allowed to drink alcohol if you are under 16. It is also forbidden to serve you alcohol. From the age of 16, you may consume, possess and buy so-called soft alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer. Distilled alcoholic beverages (e.g. schnapps) are only permitted by law from the age of 18. This includes, for example, mixed drinks such as cola rum or cola whiskey and alcopops.


You should be especially careful with so-called alcopops. Alcopops look like lemonade, taste sweet like lemonade and are therefore drunk like lemonade. You don’t even notice that you are drinking a lot of alcohol. In terms of alcohol content, however, a bottle of Alcopops is equivalent to a large bottle of beer or double schnapps.

They are mixed with rum, vodka, tequila or whiskey. Because of the sweetness, you don’t taste the strong alcohol, but it still has a natural effect.

Drinking alcohol – should I or shouldn’t I?

Alcohol is available almost everywhere, whether at a party, a football match or a swimming pool. It is not always easy to resist the offer. Especially when your friends are drinking alcohol and maybe even trying to persuade you to join in, be brave and only do what you really want to do. Regardless of what the others ask you to do.

Peer pressure

How to say no to alcohol in a cool way

Even without alcohol, you are trendy and can be in with your friends, even if it is not always easy. We have put together a few sayings for you that might help you to refuse when you are offered alcohol. But don’t take it too seriously. If you are honest about how you feel about alcohol, you don’t need a line. Real friends like you just the way you are!


Funny saying tips

  • “I’m not that into alcohol.”
  • “I need a lot of energy today; I’d better get an energy drink.”
  • “Thanks, I tried it, but I don’t like it.”
  • “Thanks, but I still need my brain cells.”
  • “Thanks, I’ll pass on the flag.”
  • “Thanks, I’ll do without the headache tomorrow.”

More about alcohol – the facts

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